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Now, Use Your Head!  
A spectacular camera accessory

A Group of NEW PRODUCTS Will be Launched Shortly

Aim, Frame, Focus and Shoot with Extreme Precision, Speed, Stability and Comfort. 

Great with sun-glasses, eye-glasses and no-glasses. 

Solid contact between your head and your camera is essential!  Cam Heady delivers it.  You will capture shots you would have missed!  
The Head Rest by Cam Heady mounts in your standard hot shoe and provides a solid connection to your skull.  Your two hands (one on the lens and one on the camera body) form the other two legs of your camera support.  By making one of these three points of contact SOLID, you dramatically increase your control of the camera.  Your ability to track moving subjects will increase markedly.  
Product Lineup - more product pictures will be added shortly

1.   ___  Head Rest  by Cam Heady:  $30.00  (This is the normal version which mounts directly in the hot shoe.) 

2.  ___  Adapter Rest  by Cam Heady:  $40  (This version is for cameras without a flash synch port that need to mount a flash unit or flash radio trigger at the same time.  This version is used with an adapter (included) to obtain the flash signal from the hot shoe.  NOTE: I'm still adjusting this text on adapters.) 

3.  ___  Hook Bracket  by Cam Heady:  $7.00  (This bracket hooks under the mounting knob of either Head Rest and provides a spot to mount additional gear:  flash, microphone, level, flash radio trigger, LED lights....  Multiple brackets can be daisy chained or stacked to provide additional mounting spaces.  Fasteners are included.  To mount: simply loosen the Head Rest knob and hook the Bracket(s) around the fastener.)

4.  ___  Oval Bracket  by Cam Heady:  $7.00  (This bracket mounts under the mounting knob of either Head Rest and provides a spot to mount additional gear:  flash, microphone, level, flash radio trigger, LED lights,....  Multiple brackets can be used to provide additional mounting spaces.  Fasteners are included.  To mount: fully unscrew the Head Rest knob and place the Bracket(s) over the fastener.)

5.  ___  Mini Wrench  by Cam Heady:  $5.00  (This wrench has hex sizes for the Cam Heady products plus an emergency bottle opener.  Also, it is handy for turning those slotted screws you find on tripod plates.  It fits nicely on a keychain.)

6.  ___  Mini Wing  by Cam heady:  $10.00  (This is a reduced-size version of the part that contacts your head.  It is suitable for persons with smaller heads using smaller cameras who desire a slightly more compact setup.  It has the same sort of padding as the standard wing.  It is 1/2 inch shorter than the standard wing.)

7.  _1_  Packing & Shipping  by Cam Heady:  $3.00  (That's per order to the USA.)

8. ___ Sales Tax:  (Needed on NJ delivery addresses only.)      

This ordering setup will be on Amazon shortly.  However, right now, you can send cash, check or money order to:

Cam Heady LLC
POB 138
Spring Lake, NJ, 07762  USA

 Shipping will be USPS "First-Class Mail Parcel" service.  We ship using a small white corrugated cardboard box that is sized to fit small cluster mailboxes and Amazon drones.  For fastest service: use the comment box below to say you have mailed an order... in case I don't check the POB every day.  Be sure to include your delivery address with your payment.  International delivery is $15.00 per order, based upon the USPS web site.

Hurricane Arthur surfer in the spray on July 4, 2014

Perfect positioning of your eye in the viewfinder increases your speed and accuracy.   

Head Rest by Cam Heady and some spare parts + hex key, above. 

Head Rest by Cam Heady in Landscape (horizontal) orientation, above. 

Switch rapidly from landscape to portrait orientation and back: simply flip the wing 90 degrees.  Also, you can switch from right eye in the viewfinder to left eye in the viewfinder without adjusting anything.  

Head Rest by Cam Heady in Portrait (vertical) orientation, above. 

The Head Rest by Cam Heady includes an assortment of bushings to fine-tune your rig, which is very easy to do.  The bushing "length" affects the distance from your eyeball to your viewfinder.  The Cam Heady arrives with a 3/4" bushing installed.  If desired, you can adjust it up or down in 1/8" increments.  

Test Pic

Here is how the Head Rest by Cam Heady works:  Your eyeballs are in fixed positions within your head; they can swivel a bit but not change location.  Your Head Rest by Cam Heady is in a fixed position on your camera; the padded wing can rotate a bit but not change location.  By placing the Head Rest by Cam Heady against your head, you lock your eyeballs into a fixed relationship with the camera, enabling both eyeballs and camera to move as one.  You can pan and tilt from your waist or stay locked onto stationary subjects as there is steadiness between your eye and your viewfinder.  As a bonus, this linkage between the mass of your head and the mass of your camera greatly reduces vibration.  Also, by pulling back slightly against your head, you reduce the arm twitches that tend to occur when muscles are holding an object without sufficient resistance... called creating dynamic tension.  

For Studio or Complex Lighting, see 1. and 2. below:

For use with a flash transceiver which would otherwise occupy the flash shoe, there are two choices:

1. If your camera has a standard coaxial PC (Prontor/Compur) flash sync socket, you will need a bracket to hold your transceiver (pictured shortly).  

2. If your camera has NO PC socket, you will need a slightly different Cam Heady, plus an adapter to pick up the flash signal from the hot shoe, plus a bracket to hold your transceiver (pictured shortly).  

Made in the USA 

  Email: CamHeady *at-sign-here*

  In other words, replace *at-sign-here* above with @ to create a valid email ID.  The easiest way to do this is to copy the line above and paste it into your email TO: box.  This is done to reduce spam from automated robots scanning for email addresses (on websites) with the @ sign embedded. 
Sales Channels:  In-person sales at various outdoor events starting in 2013.  Amazon will be next, shortly.  In-store retail, maybe.  TV,  maybe.  The in-person sales were needed to make sure the message was clear and people would understand the physical product.  Many people instantly realize what the Cam Heady is for. 

Customer Communications:  All helpful product information will be posted here on this site.  Besides individual emails from Cam Heady, everything else is here.

Prospective Customers:  The Cam Heady is designed for use with all cameras that have a standard accessory shoe, both hot or cold.  The design of the standard accessory shoe is roughly 100 years old so if your shoe looks similar, it's likely standard.  

Hex Key (included):  The hex key is used with a small adjustable or box wrench, or the mini wrench, to fine-tune the wing tension, as when flipping the wing from landscape to portrait orientation.  How often is tension adjustment needed?  Rarely, once every few months, if that. 

Wing Nut and Acorn Nut Update:  Both have gone away.  An update kit is available (email for info).  Also, we sold two different (metal) surface finishes this year in the South:  micro-scratch and a sort of mottled texture.  We (now) prefer the mottled texture due to the lower reflectivity.  If you have the micro-scratch finish and your would like to exchange for mottled, email for info.  

Cleaning:  Wash with detergent and running water, pat dry and reinstall.  

History:  The first accessory "shoe" dates back to 1912, to Mr. Oskar Barnack at Leica.  It was a cold shoe (non-electrical) mainly for attaching a rangefinder which greatly improved focusing.  Amazingly, 100 years later, Steve at Cam Heady invented the Camera-to-Cranium stability mechanism, or forehead rest, with flipable landscape-to-portrait and back simplicity, which greatly improves focusing and other factors.  The inherent sturdiness of the original shoe has been a major factor in its longevity.  Any electrical accessory can be shoe or near-shoe mounted and connected to the camera with a tiny cord.  A universal bracket to use with your Cam Heady and other accessories will be pictured here shortly.    
Features and Major Part #1 of 3:  The squarish end of the bracket fits into the shoe which is also squarish.  The bracket slides into the shoe from above the viewfinder.  This square-in-square configuration naturally resists torque.  A dark-colored knob (formerly a wing nut) tightens a thick washer-like part onto the top of the shoe, thereby preventing the Cam Heady from falling off, as well as reducing any side-to-side movement within the shoe.   

Features and Major Part #2 of 3:  The other end of the bracket holds the pivot which joins the two (metal) major parts together.  The pivot is mainly a threaded fastener and two black plastic bushings.  The small bushing is for rotational smoothness and the large bushing determines the eyeball to viewfinder distance, which is easily adjusted by changing the bushing to one of different length.  By changing the tension on the threaded fastener, the effort to flip the wing from landscape orientation to portrait orientation is altered.  The decorative sleeve (formerly an acorn nut) should always be kept in place on the end of the fastener to prevent the fastener from scratching anything.   

Features and Major Part #3 of 3:  The wing has a thin layer of slip resistant silicone where it contacts the forehead.  The exact angle or position of the wing is adjusted by the user as needed.  A good starting point is parallel to the brow with minor adjustments from there.  The silicone pad is the most colorful part of the Cam Heady, which helps you to quickly confirm the current position of the wing in case you changed your hand position on the camera without adjusting the wing position.  

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